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Snow Mobiling



Snowmobiling in the White Mountains

With 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the state, New Hampshire is one of the best places to enjoy this iconic winter activity. The resort itself is situated right off Corridor 5, making it an excellent spot to begin your snowmobiling adventure, or a convenient rest stop to enjoy a bite to eat or soft bed. Secondary trails connect the resort’s own trail system to Corridor 5 and allow you to ride from downtown Whitefield to nearby Lancaster by way of Weeks State Park, which offers a truly unique riding experience to the top of Mt. Prospect.  

For guests who are looking to stay the night, and have snowmobiles of their own, amble parking is available for trailers. For day visitors, snowmobile parking is available directly in front of the resort where you will be afforded breathtaking views and access to the Harvest Tavern and Provisions Gift Shop. While the resort does not rent snowmobiles directly, there are a number of wonderful rental companies in our area that cater to all skill levels. Many companies also offer guided tours. The few of the closest purveyors are: 

Snowmobiling Trail

Snowmobiling to the resort

The resort is easily accessible from Corridor 5, whether you are traveling through Whitefield, NH, or south from Lancaster, NH. If traveling through Whitefield, follow the Hill Top Trail and it will take you directly to the resort. You can then continue on the Mountain View Trail to Weeks State Park and Mt. Prospect. From there, the Mt. Prospect trail will take you back to Corridor 5 and into the town of Lancaster.

For the complete state trail map, and to plan your snowmobiling route, click the link below. The map is provided and maintained by the NH Snowmobiling Association.

State Trail Map

Snowmobile resources

Before heading out on your next snowmobile adventure, make sure you are well prepared. The state of New Hampshire provides fantastic resources to keep you up to date on trail conditions and informed of all trail rules and regulations that need to be followed. Below is some of the best resources offered.