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Our Resort's History


A Place of Hospitality from the Start

Many great stories come from humble beginnings, and our story is no different. The doors of what would become a world-famous resort were opened to two weary travelers taken in for the night. They were on their way from Boston to Montreal and their stagecoach overturned. The driver directed them to a nearby farmhouse in the small township of Whitefield, New Hampshire.

Despite the late hour, the owners of the farmhouse—William and Mary Jane Dodge—welcomed the travelers graciously and took them in. Though the travelers originally planned on a single night's stay, their desire to reach Boston quickly waned thanks to two fortuitous occurrences.

Upon waking up and taking in the breathtaking view of the White Mountains (and a delicious home-cooked breakfast), the travelers were so captivated they decided to stay an entire week. The rest is history.

Our History

  • 1865—First lodgers
  • 1866—Official opening as an Inn and first addition to the home is made
  • 1872—New three-story building replaces farmhouse
  • 1880—Another addition doubles the size of the Mountain View House
  • 1884-1919—Dodges oversee management and expand hotel into a substantial resort complex
  • 1900-1905—Nine-hole golf course, steam heat and electric lighting added
  • 1911-1912—Erect Italian Revival style tower—focal point of resort visible from miles away
  • 1919-1948—World-class resort with fourth floor, east wing expansion, clubhouse and swimming pool
  • 1965—Century Hall, a modern and functional entertainment hall, is added
  • 1979—Sold to Mountain View Associates
  • 1986—Hotel closes
  • 1999—Golf course, clubhouse, heated pool, tennis courts, lawn games and wine cellar renovated
  • 2001—$20 million renovation including interior demolition, exterior construction and landscaping begin
  • 2002—Mountain View Grand celebrates Grand re-opening
  • 2005—Property joins unique collection of historical hotels, including The Biltmore and Le Pavillon
  • 2009—Commissioned Northern Power Systems to build a 121-foot wind turbine behind the resort

History Video

The history video below will take you back to the day when Mr. and Mrs. Dodge took in their first weary travelers and how such an act of kindness would transform their home into a world-class resort and spa where thousands of guests visit every year to make their own family histories.


Historical Photos

Water Tower Removal

On June 2, 2015, the water towers that had stood behind the hotel for over 50 years were taken down by the expert professionals at Iseler Demolition. The water towers had been used primarily to irrigate the golf course and the resort grounds. However, in the past decade they had become significantly corroded and in 2015 reached the end of their lives.